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BAATN (Binary Audio ATteNuation) is a file format used in Nintendo Switch games. It controls which BAADR, BAROC, BAUDC and BAACL are used to create an attenuation program.

File Format


Offset Type Description
0x00 Char[4] File magic. Always AATN in ASCII.
0x04 UInt16 Byte-order-mark. FE FF for big endian, FF FE for little endian.
0x06 UInt16 Version number.
0x08 UInt32 String Table offset.

Parameter Data

String Table

At the end of the file, there's a string table that links to BAADR, BAROC, BAUDC and BAACL files, always stored in pairs and with null-terminated strings of the file names without the extension. If a file is not present, it stores a null string for it instead.

Version List

Version Found in


The following tools can handle BAATN files:

  • (none)