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course_muunt.byaml, or battle_muunt.byaml are BYAML files used to control general course and battle data, such as CPU routes and start points, in Mario Kart 8. In Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, a new battle mode was added, and balloon_muunt.byaml, bombhei_muunt.byaml, coin_muunt.byaml, heidoro_muunt.byaml and shine_muunt.byaml was added to the new battle stages. However, the battle_muunt.byaml file is still presented in each course directory.

Read BYAML (File Format) for the BYAML format specification.

File Format


Type Name Description
Int32 AreaShape Shape of the area. 0 means box, other values are unknown.
Int32 AreaType
Int32 Area_Path
Int32 Area_PullPath
Array<Int32> Camera_Area
Dictionary<Float> Rotate
Dictionary<Float> Scale
Dictionary<Float> Translate
Int32 UnitIdNum
Float prm1
Float prm2

Ceiling Area


Clip Area

Clip Pattern

Current Area

Enemy Path

GCamera Path

Glide Path

Gravity Path

Intro Camera

Item Path

Jugem Path

Lap Path


Object Path


Prison Area

Pull Path

Replay Camera

Sound Object

Steer Assist Path


The following tools can handle *_muunt.byaml:

  • (none)