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BAS (Binary AI Speed) is a filetype found into competitions, specifically found as AIParam.bas. It changes the speed parameters for the Mario Kart Wii's in race CPUs. AIParam can be added into any track to make more challenging gameplay in offline versus races. When this file is not present, the parameters are controlled instead by kartAISpdParam.bin, found into Common.szs.

File Format

The file byte order is always big endian, and it is always 0x14 bytes long.

Offset Type Description
0x00 Float Speed parameter. Higher values make faster CPUs, but after a limit, the speed won't change anymore and it will use the maximum allowed. Negative values make the CPUs stop when they reach their maximum speed.
0x04 Float Unknown.
0x08 Float Unknown.
0x0C Float Unknown.
0x10 Float Unknown.


The following tools can handle BAS files:

  • (none)